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Sachdeva New P.T. College

Sachdeva College is the India’s one of the best coaching institute who provide well qualified and experienced teachers with necessary knowledge and guidance.

Sachdeva College provides target batches for SSC exams of 5 months’ duration with small batch size in which individual get personal attention and 100% doubts clearance. Sachdeva College is providing flexibility choosing in online or offline classes for their students which including live class or recorded lecture. Assignment, test series and mock test also available in Hindi and English medium.


Established at Lahore in 1940, the college, shifted to Delhi in 1947 after partition and started functioning in the walled city. Since its inception the college has come a long way and celebrated its golden jubilee in 1990. It has now 4 centres in Delhi alone and over 75 centres spread all over India. The college has the distinction of coaching more than 15 lac students during the last 79 years who got admission to universities and cleared competitive examinations with the help of excellent coaching they received in this college. The college has now become a watch word for success and is respected by students, their parents/guardians and the public. It is an entirely independent institution and has neither sought nor received any financial assistance from the government.


Many bodies like Central Govt. & State Governments and Public Sector Institutions sponsor students to be coached by us to improve their chances of success.


We conduct coaching for all major national and state level competitive and entrance


Late Shri T.N. Sachdeva widely acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of private education was the Founder Principal of P.T. College. He kept on guiding the course and shaping the destiny of these colleges. After his demise in 1983 Dr. Sudhir Sachdeva an eminent academician and economist in his own right took over. He sensed the mood of the students and the needs of the time and realised that purely academic education was not enough. He diversified the coaching scheme of the college and laid emphasis on coaching students for all type of competitive examinations. Owing to the immense popularity and matchless reputation acquired by this institution there was a mushroom growth of institutions having the nomenclature ‘P.T.’. These institutions have nothing to do with P.T. College. They have adopted this name to mislead and confuse the student community. It was therefore decided to rechristen this institution as Sachdeva New P.T. College. It is at present popularly known by the name ‘Sachdeva College’.

Chairman Message

Dear Aspirants,

With the great rise in number of aspirants for any competitive examination, the pattern of examination is changing for good. Gone are the days, when learning meant knowing about facts and cramming was the surest way to gain results. This doesn’t mean that facts are not important now. Facts remain vital, but you don’t have to mug them up only, you need to know the application of facts too. Teachers who set the questions for competitive examinations, nowadays seem to be in uniformity with what British scientist Sir William Bragg has to say, “The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them”.


Concept is crucial, for invariably questions are set which demand application of facts. Unless you understand what you have read, solution becomes extremely difficult. The difficulty level in these examinations is sufficiently high to make students go beyond simple facts, they are required to know how to apply that knowledge

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